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We are leading manufacturers of Water soluble Cutting Oils, Rust Preventive Oils, Rust Removers, Eco friendly rust removers, Sugar Chemicals, Water Treatment Chemicals and Sanitary Products. Ours is an ISO:9001:2008 Certified Company.

We are also having a Central Govt. approved Laboratory (Insta Pollutech Labs) for testing of Water, Effluent, Air (Ambient and Stack), Soil, Noise, Lux, Hazardous waste, Food, Petroleum Oils etc.

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Insta Pollutech Labs, started in 1991 as a testing facility for various facets of environmental pollution, undertaking testing of samples to evaluate the surrounding air, water and wastewater conditions in addition to carry out ETP operations, conduct environmental audits, suggest pollution control measures, and assist in getting environmental clearance for industrial and commercial units in and around India, has evolved over the years to sophisticated instrumental methods for microbiological testing of food and water samples, chemical analysis and microstructure of metals, alloys and plastics, testing of petroleum products, air testing, water and waste water testing.

An ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 Certified company, along with NABL accreditation and MoEF approval.

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Insta Speciality Chemicals, started in 2013 is one of the market leaders in the chemical industry. We manufacture a wide range of Chemicals catering to every need from business to personal. These include Industrial products ( water soluble cutting oils, penetrating oils, rust remover, rust preventive oil, oil cleaner and many more), Sugar chemicals (mill sanitation, fire side, viscosity reducer, anti-scalant),Water treatment chemicals (antiscalants, biocides, oxygen scavengers and many more), sanitation products (dishwasher, toilet cleaners, laundry liquid detergents and many more) and other chemicals (fragrance emulsifiers).

An ISO 9001 Certified company.


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